Does Pizza Hut Have A Buffet Still?

Pizza Hut was once renowned for its lunch and dinner buffet offerings. Loyal customers could stroll into their local Pizza Hut and, for one reasonable price, load up a plate with favorites like pan pizza, pasta, wings, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks. For many years, Pizza Hut’s buffet option provided an affordable and tasty all-you-can-eat experience.

However, over the past decade or so, Pizza Hut has shifted strategies and phased out buffets at most of its locations. While you may still be able to find a Pizza Hut buffet near me in some regions, the widespread availability of this buffet dining style has certainly changed.

So does Pizza Hut still feature its famous buffet offering? Let’s discuss the history of Pizza Hut’s buffet and see if you can still get your money’s worth of pepperoni slices and garlic breadsticks.

What is the Pizza Hut buffet?

For those who haven’t experienced it, here’s a quick overview of what the Pizza Hut buffet offered:

  • Buffet stations with various pan pizzas – cheese, pepperoni, veggie, and specialty options
  • Pasta options like spaghetti, cavatappi, marinara and alfredo sauces
  • Fresh garden salad bar with fixings and dressings
  • Breadsticks, cinnamon sticks, chicken wings
  • Dessert, including brownies, cookies, and cinnamon rolls

Most Pizza Hut locations offered the buffet during lunch and dinner hours, typically from 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm. The cost was generally between $6.99-$8.99 per adult. Kids age 3-10 could eat at a discounted buffet price.

For fans of Pizza Hut’s menu items, the buffet was a chance to enjoy unlimited quantities without breaking the bank!

Are Pizza Hut Buffets still operational?

Here’s the tough news for buffet loyalists – most Pizza Hut locations no longer offer the self-serve buffet option. While buffets were a big part of Pizza Hut’s strategy in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, they started to phase them out by the mid-2000s.

By 2015, only around 3% of Pizza Hut restaurants still featured a buffet. Why did Pizza Hut move away from this popular dining setup? There were a few factors at play:

  • The rise of fast casual pizza chains like Blaze Pizza with lower costs than a buffet
  • Pizza Hut leadership shifting focus away from the dine-in experience
  • Higher profit margins on things like pizza delivery instead of buffets
  • Less appeal for younger consumers more likely to grab a quick personal pizza

The costs of maintaining a buffet with fresh ingredients and constant re-stocking ultimately led Pizza Hut to eliminate this option at the vast majority of its restaurants.

How to find out if your local hut offers a buffet

How to find out if your local hut offers a buffet
How to find out if your local hut offers a buffet

Because a small percentage of Pizza Hut outlets are rumored to still run buffets, it’s worth investigating your local restaurants. Here are some tips:

  • Check the Pizza Hut website or delivery app menu for your nearby locations to see if a buffet is mentioned
  • Call your local Pizza Huts and directly ask if they still offer buffet dining
  • Search blog posts and local announcements to see if anyone has recently mentioned your area Pizza Hut having a buffet
  • Ask neighbors, co-workers, and other local Pizza Hut customers if they know of any buffet options still being offered

Basically, take advantage of all information sources to determine if a buffet is still served at Pizza Huts near you. Be aware that offerings can change frequently, so a location may bring back or cancel their buffet at any time.

What’s up for grabs?

If you do find a Pizza Hut still serving a buffet near you, what can you expect on the menu? Typically, Pizza Hut buffets offer:

  • Multiple pan pizza options – cheese, pepperoni, veggie, meat lovers, and specialty flavors
  • Pasta choices like spaghetti, cavatappi, alfredo, marinara
  • Fresh garden salads with lettuce, veggies, cheeses, croutons and dressings
  • Breadsticks, cinnamon sticks, chicken wings
  • Desserts including brownies, cookie squares, cinnamon rolls

The selection focuses on Pizza Hut favorites, allowing buffet diners to get their fill of pizzas, salads, appetizers, and sweet treats. Some locations may also include sandwiches, potato wedges, and additional options. Check with your local restaurant to see their specific buffet menu.

Is Pizza Hut still offering a buffet?

To provide a clear answer – no, the vast majority of Pizza Hut locations no longer offer an all-you-can-eat buffet option. Out of over 6,000 Pizza Hut restaurants in the U.S., it’s estimated that less than 3% still have an active buffet.

However, there are a few exceptions in specific regions. Some Pizza Hut franchise owners have chosen to continue the buffet in certain states like Utah, Virginia, Texas, and West Virginia. But it’s quite limited.

So if you want to enjoy a Pizza Hut buffet like in decades past, you’ll have very few options. Your best bet is calling every Pizza Hut in your city or state and asking each one directly about potential buffet availability.

What happened to Pizza Hut’s buffet?

Pizza Hut didn’t discontinue its famous buffet on a whim – the decision reflected shifting priorities. As profits from buffets declined and labor costs rose, Pizza Hut started evolving its business model.

Some of the key factors in the phase-out of Pizza Hut buffets:

  • Emergence of fast casual pizza chains in the mid-2000s provided lower cost competition
  • Pizza Hut wanted to modernize its brand image away from standard dine-in restaurants
  • Higher margins were available for delivery and takeout instead of buffet profit
  • Declining popularity of buffets amongst younger pizza consumers

Additionally, increased costs to purchase fresh ingredients and constantly maintain buffet trays during open hours made this option less financially viable. Pizza Hut leadership clearly decided the buffet didn’t align with the chain’s future direction.

While buffet fans may be disappointed, Pizza Hut is certainly not alone in moving away from self-serve options. The buffet industry as a whole has declined over the past 15 years.

Does Pizza Hut still have a lunch buffet?

Does Pizza Hut still have a lunch buffet?
Does Pizza Hut still have a lunch buffet?

In locations that do still offer a Pizza Hut buffet, the lunchtime option is typically gone. Most Pizza Hut restaurants previously offered an all-you-can-eat buffet from 11am to 2pm. This gave customers an affordable lunch option of pizzas, salads, and appetizers.

However, the lunch buffet was the first to go when Pizza Hut started eliminating buffet service around 15 years ago. Any Pizza Huts still hanging onto the buffet model are mainly only offering it during dinner hours now, if at all.

The costs of running a lunch buffet every day were likely the breaking point. So if you want to indulge in a Pizza Hut buffet, be sure to go at night – but call ahead first to check if a buffet is even still on the menu.

Are there any Pizza Hut locations with a buffet?

By now, it’s clear that finding a Pizza Hut buffet in 2022 takes effort. However, if you do some digging, there are indeed a handful of locations still serving buffets:

  • Small number of Pizza Hut buffets in Utah
  • Scattered reports on Reddit and Yelp of buffets in Virginia
  • Certain Pizza Huts in Texas, primarily in Abilene region
  • Rare Pizza Hut buffet options still operating in West Virginia

Essentially, a very small fraction of Pizza Hut restaurants are defying the norm and sticking with buffet service. But it’s no more than 5-10% of total locations at most.

Your chances are best in those few states listed above. However, calling ahead is still absolutely necessary – even Pizza Huts maintaining buffets can remove them without notice. Don’t assume your local restaurant still offers the buffet without direct confirmation.

Has Pizza Hut discontinued its buffet service?

Considering how few Pizza Hut buffets remain compared to the chain’s heyday, it’s fair to say Pizza Hut has largely discontinued its iconic all-you-can-eat buffet option.

Apart from potential independent or franchise locations in areas like Utah and West Virginia, the standard Pizza Hut dining experience no longer includes self-serve buffets. The company directed a strategic shift away from buffet service after decades of making it a prime feature of the brand.

However, Pizza Hut has impressively adapted and thrived, including boosting its delivery business. So even without buffets, Pizza Hut remains a leader in the pizza game with its signature pan pizzas. Fans just need to accept that unlimited pepperoni slices are primarily a tasty memory now.

Where can I find a Pizza Hut buffet near me?

If you get a hankering for the Pizza Hut buffet experience, here are a few tips to find any remaining options in your area:

  • Search online for blog or forum posts referencing active Pizza Hut buffets by state or city
  • Check the Pizza Hut website and mobile app for all locations within 50 miles and look for buffet mentions
  • Call every nearby Pizza Hut and ask the staff directly if they still host a buffet
  • Ask local Pizza Hut fans and foodie Facebook groups for confirmed buffet sightings
  • Search Yelp and Reddit for recent buffet reviews of restaurants in your city or state

Basically, use every resource at your disposal to determine if any Pizza Hut franchises are still doing buffets in your neck of the woods. Widespread availability is gone, but with some effort, you may just luck out and find a hidden buffet gem.

What are the hours for Pizza Hut’s buffet?

Back in the heyday, Pizza Hut buffet hours were typically:

  • Lunch buffet from 11am to 2pm
  • Dinner buffet from 5pm to 8pm

However, the few Pizza Huts still sporting a buffet generally only offer it for dinner. Your best bet is to arrive anywhere from 5-7:30pm to take advantage of the buffet while the selections are fresh.

Always call ahead to not only confirm they have a buffet but also verify the exact hours. Some locations may start the buffet earlier or end it sooner than the typical dinner window. The last thing you want is to show up hungry and realize the buffet closed early!

How much does the Pizza Hut buffet cost?

Pricing will vary a bit by location, but you can expect to pay:

  • Lunch buffet – $6.99 to $7.99 per adult
  • Dinner buffet – $8.99 to $9.99 per adult
  • Kids ages 3 to 10 are typically $3.99 to $4.99

So figure under $10 per adult for unlimited pizza, pasta, and salad. That’s an excellent deal if you bring a hearty appetite! Some Pizza Hut buffets may charge an additional dollar or two for premium drinks.

Always verify current pricing when you call ahead to check buffet availability. And ask if they offer any discounts or deals to help make that buffet even more budget-friendly.

Are there any special promotions for Pizza Hut’s buffet?

Pizza Hut will sometimes run special buffet promotions to draw in customers, especially during non-peak days and hours. Here are some examples to look out for:

  • Unlimited buffet pass – Pay one price for a month/year of unlimited buffet visits
  • Half-off Tuesdays – 50% savings on buffet price certain days of the week
  • Pizza & pasta combo – Add unlimited pizza and pasta to entree purchase
  • Happy hour – Discounted buffet price during certain afternoon or late-night times
  • Dessert or drink included – Free cinnamon sticks or soda with buffet
  • Buffet rewards – Earn free buffet vouchers after X visits

If you want to indulge in the Pizza Hut buffet on a budget, look for these promotional opportunities. Special deals and packages may help offset the cost and let you get more pizza for your money!


While the era of Pizza Hut buffets on every corner is essentially over, some hunting can reveal scattered holdouts still offering all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner buffets. Concentrate your search in pizza-loving states like West Virginia, Texas, Virginia, and Utah. Or get lucky with a locally owned franchise bringing back the buffet on a small scale.

With strategic calling around and asking the experts (Reddit and Yelp reviewers), you may just land a qualifying Pizza Hut buffet for that next birthday or team celebration. Bring your appetite and get creative stacking spice and veggie combinations high on those personal pan pizzas.

Just temper expectations – the buffet of today is likely not the quantity and diversity you remember from decades past. Buteven a single surviving Pizza Hut buffet lets you recapture those glory days and say you conquered the buffet bar one more time.

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People Also Ask (FAQ’s)

Is there a limit on Pizza Hut buffet?

Yes, typically Pizza Hut’s buffet has a time limit of around an hour per visit, allowing customers to enjoy multiple rounds of pizza and sides within that time.

Do Pizza Hut still do salad bar?

Pizza Hut locations may vary, but many still offer salad bars as part of their buffet or as an add-on option.

What time is the Pizza Hut buffet on in the UK?

Pizza Hut’s buffet times can vary by location, but it is usually offered during lunch hours, typically from around 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, and sometimes during dinner hours, from around 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

What age is kids at Pizza Hut?

At Pizza Hut, kids are typically considered to be between the ages of 3 and 12 years old for menu options and pricing.

How much do Pizza Hut pay 18 year olds?

The pay rate for 18-year-olds at Pizza Hut can vary based on location, position, and experience, but it typically falls within the minimum wage range for that area.

Do Pizza Hut do birthdays?

Pizza Hut locations may offer birthday party packages or special deals for birthdays, including group dining options and sometimes even freebies or discounts for the birthday person. It’s best to check with your local Pizza Hut for specific offerings.

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