Free Subway Sandwiches: You Need A Very Specific Photo On Your Phone

Ever been wedged in that dreaded middle seat on a flight, dreaming of free Subway sandwiches to make the misery worth it? You know, the one where you’re sandwiched between two strangers, with zero legroom and the prospect of an elbow war looming? Brutal, right? Well, Subway feels your pain – and they’re turning that misery into an opportunity to score some free subs!

For this year’s National Sandwich Day on November 3rd, Subway is running a brilliantly quirky promotion to hand out free Subway sandwiches. They’re giving away 10,000 free 6-inch subs – but only to those brave souls who can provide photographic evidence of their middle seat suffering. It’s called the “Sandwich Seat” contest, and here’s how you can snag those free Subway sandwiches:

Score Free Subway Sandwiches by Channeling Your Inner ‘Sardine’

Score Free Subway Sandwiches by Channeling Your Inner 'Sardine'
  1. Snap a pic of yourself stuck in the middle seat on any flight on National Sandwich Day (November 3rd, 2023). Make sure to capture that priceless look of dismay on your face!
  2. From November 3rd through the end of November 4th, head to and upload your middle seat photo.
  3. Subway will randomly select 10,000 winners from all valid entries to receive a free 6-inch Subway sandwich of their choice!
  4. That’s it! No purchase necessary, just some top-notch self-deprecating humor to get those free Subway sandwiches.

As someone who’s endured more than their fair share of middle seat purgatory, I can totally relate. There’s just something so perfectly miserable about being crammed in like that, isn’t there? Subway clearly understands our collective dread, which is why this promo for free Subway sandwiches is such a clever play.

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Pro Tips for the Perfect ‘Sandwich Seat’ Pic to Win Free Subway Sandwiches

Want to really sell the anguish for your contest photo and increase your odds of scoring those free Subway sandwiches? Try some of these tips:

  • Time it right – Snap that pic right as the person in front reclines into your face
  • Go for the upward angle – Nothing says “plz send help” quite like a shot from below
  • Prop up the in-flight magazine – With a headline like “STUCK HERE” or “MIDDLE SEAT MISERY”
  • Include delightful seatmate behavior – Loud chewing, jostling for armrests, the works!

Just make sure you’re following all contest rules for a valid entry to win free Subway sandwiches. We’d hate for your masterpiece to get disqualified on a technicality!

BOGO Footlongs: Another Way to Get Free Subway Sandwiches

Don’t worry, Subway hasn’t forgotten about you land-lubbers searching for free Subway sandwiches. For those not craving the middle seat experience, they’re also running a Buy One, Get One Free deal on footlong subs from November 1st through November 3rd.

To claim this offer for buy-one-get-one free Subway sandwiches, just use the promo code FLBOGO when ordering online at or through their mobile app. Boom, two flavor-packed footlongs for the price of one!

Build Your Masterpiece for Free Subway Sandwiches

Build Your Masterpiece for Free Subway Sandwiches

With Subway’s stellar array of meats, cheeses, veggies, sauces and breads, the possibilities for creating your dream sub for those free Subway sandwiches are endless. Looking for some inspo? Check out these cult classic builds:

  • Italian BMT – A trio of smoked ham, salami, and pepperoni on Italian herbs & cheese bread
  • Steak & Cheese – Obvious but iconic, especially with a few jalapeño kicks
  • Veggie Delite – The OG plant-based option, packed with crisp veggies

Or go wild and construct your own craveable Frankensub combos to enjoy with those free Subway sandwiches like:

  • Jalapeño Cheesesteak Sub – Sliced steak, jalapeños, American cheese, and chipotle sauce
  • Turkeyadian Club – Turkey, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mayo on honey oat
  • Spicy Italian Veggie Sub – Italian herbs & cheese bread with salami, pepperoncini, banana peppers, olives and Italian dressing

“The perfect sandwich must be generous. Not too full of any one single ingredient…” – James Beard

What’s your Subway sandwich signature to try with those free subs? I’m always looking for new flavor combos to maximize my winnings!

Subway’s Marketing Mastery for Free Sandwich Giveaways

This ingenious “Sandwich Seat” photo contest is just the latest in a long line of clever, attention-grabbing campaigns from Subway to promote free sandwich giveaways. A few other highlights:

It’s all part of Subway’s long-standing commitment to creative, share-worthy marketing that resonates with customers through relatable humor, engaging user-generated content, and incentives like free sandwiches.

So there you have it! Whether you’re angling for those coveted free Subway sandwiches through middle seat misery or going the BOGO route, the deals are there for the taking this November 3rd. Just try your best to avoid those dreaded middle seats whenever possible – your sanity (and sandwich) will thank you later.

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