Wendy’s Ice Cream Menu with Prices

Ice cream and Wendy’s just seem to go hand-in-hand. The famous Frosty that put Wendy’s on the map as more than just another fast food burger joint is basically a soft serve ice cream dessert that has developed an almost cult-like following.

But the Frosty shake is hardly the only icy, sweet treat you’ll find on the Wendy’s menu. From sundaes to cones and everything in between, there’s lots of options for cooling off from a hot summer day.

Exploring Wendy’s Ice Cream Menu Options

Wendy’s ice cream menu features a variety of delicious frozen dessert items made from soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt. The star of the menu is the iconic Frosty shake, available in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

But Wendy’s also offers ice cream cones, sundaes, parfaits, floats, and seasonal options. The ice cream treats menu gives customers a way to satisfy their sweet tooth and cool down with a quick dessert.

Prices range from only $0.99 for a value sized cone up to $2.79 for a Frosty float, making it an affordable way to add on a little something chocolatey or creamy after your meal.

Wendy’s Ice Cream Menu with Prices

Here is an overview of everything currently available on the Wendy’s ice cream offerings menu with prices: Their signature frozen dessert is the Frosty®, which is more like a milkshake/soft-serve ice cream hybrid. 

Frosty® OptionDescriptionEstimated Price Range (USD)
Classic Frosty®Vanilla or Chocolate$1.99 – $2.49
Chocolate Frosty® with Oreo® CookiesClassic Frosty® blended with Oreo® cookie pieces$2.49 – $2.99
Strawberry Frosty®Strawberry-flavored Frosty®$2.29 – $2.79
Frosty® ShakeClassic Frosty® blended with your choice of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla flavoring$3.49 – $3.99
Frosty® FloatClassic Frosty® topped with your choice of soda (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, etc.)$2.29 – $2.79

Wendy’s Frosty (Small, Medium, Junior & Large)

The Frosty is Wendy’s signature frozen dessert available in rich, chocolatey or sweet vanilla flavors. You can order it in four sizes:

  • Small Frosty: $0.99 (12 oz)
  • Medium Frosty: $1.99 (16 oz)
  • Junior Frosty: $1.69 (14 oz)
  • Large Frosty: $2.19 (20 oz)

Prices may vary a little by location.

There have been other limited time Frosty flavors in the past like Strawberry, Birthday Cake, Mint, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and more.

Wendy’s Twisted Frosty (Small & Large)

A newer menu innovation is the Twisted Frosty which first debuted in 2019. It has a blend of half chocolate and half vanilla soft serve, twisted together into one creamy, dreamy frozen treat.

  • Small Twisted Frosty: $1.69
  • Large Twisted Frosty: $2.29

Wendy’s Frosty Parfait

You can also enjoy Frosty flavors transformed into a parfait cup format layered with vanilla wafers and topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry for $3.49.

Wendy’s Frosty Float

For a soda fountain-style treat, try a Frosty Float available in small and large sizes. It features your choice of Frosty blend topped with a Barq’s Root Beer for extra fizz.

  • Small Frosty Float: $1.99
  • Large Frosty Float: $2.79

Wendy’s Frosty Cone

Cones give you a handheld way to enjoy chilled Frosty dessert. You can get a junior Frosty swirled into a crispy waffle cone for $1.99.

Nutritional Information for Wendy’s Ice Cream Menu

Nutritional Information for Wendy's Ice Cream Menu
Nutritional Information for Wendy’s Ice Cream Menu

Wendy’s fast food generally isn’t known for being the most healthy option. However, compared to their burgers and fries, the ice cream menu items provide a lighter alternative if you want to treat yourself but not go overboard on calories or fat.

Here are some of the basic nutrition facts on popular frozen desserts at Wendy’s:

Menu ItemCaloriesFat (g)Carbs (g)Sugar (g)
Jr. Vanilla Frosty®17062722
Jr. Chocolate Frosty®17462723
Regular Vanilla Frosty®29684740
Regular Chocolate Frosty®29984941
Large Vanilla Frosty®398116454
Large Chocolate Frosty®407126655
Chocolate Frosty® with Oreo® Cookies340105444
Strawberry Frosty®30075446
Frosty® Shake (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla)430-44011-1270-7256-58
Frosty® Float (with Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite)330-3807-860-6844-52

As you can see, the cone options tend to be lower in calories than getting an actual Frosty or ice cream sundae. But no matter what you choose, putting dessert in a smaller portion cup instead of a large to-go size can save you calories.

Wendy’s Ice Cream Menu Allergy Information

Wendy's Ice Cream Menu Allergy Information
Wendy’s Ice Cream Menu Allergy Information

If you have food allergies or sensitivities, is Wendy’s ice cream menu safe for you? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Milk – All Frosty products contain milk since they are made with soft serve ice cream base. Other treats like sundaes and cones also have milk ingredients.
  • Eggs – Wendy’s frozen desserts are egg-free.
  • Peanuts – No products contain peanut ingredients, but there is a general warning that items may be processed in facilities with peanuts present.
  • Wheat – Cones, wafers in parfaits, and floats with root beer would all contain wheat.
  • Soy – The soft serve bases and chocolate Frosty syrup likely contain soy lecithin.

Those with dairy allergies unfortunately won’t have much luck finding an ice cream substitute at Wendy’s. Your best bet is sticking to water or soda as your beverage if you wish to avoid milk products.

Which Wendy’s Frosty Flavor is the Most Popular?

Without a doubt, chocolate reigns supreme over vanilla when it comes to the signature Frosty shake. Wendy’s reports that around 87% of Frosty sales are the chocolate flavored frozen dessert.

Vanilla Frosties have their fans too, but chocolate has always been the top seller since it first appeared back in 1969. It wasn’t until 2006 that Wendy’s even introduced vanilla as an alternative after many customer requests.

Now with new flavor innovations like the Twisted Frosty, strawberry, and seasonal options rotating through, chocolate still holds strong as America’s #1 Wendy’s frosty preference.

What Makes Wendy’s Ice Cream a Popular Choice?

What Makes Wendy’s Ice Cream a Popular Choice?
What Makes Wendy’s Ice Cream a Popular Choice?

There’s several reasons why Wendy’s ice cream treats like the Frosty have become such iconic menu items that customers just love:

Nostalgic Taste: The chocolate Frosty basically tastes the same as it did decades ago when Wendy’s first opened. That rich, classic Frozen dessert flavor elicits nostalgia.

Affordable Indulgence: At only 99 cents for a small size, you can treat the whole family to Frostys without breaking the bank.

Menu Staple: Unlike limited time offers at other fast food chains, the Frosty as been available year-round for 50+ years as a reliable frozen pick-me-up.

Craveable Texture: The Frosty is more solid than a typical shake but soft enough to easily suck up that creamy goodness through a straw. That makes for an uniquely enjoyable icy texture.

Fun Marketing: Wendy’s Frosty keytags, Frosty Fridays, and other promotions have made it a cultural phenomenon that’s fun to participate in.

Fresh Taste: The fact that Frostys are made from ice cream base prepared daily in store makes them taste fresher than pre-made desserts that are just thawed out.

Variety: Beyond the original chocolate and vanilla options, Wendy’s has expanded the Frosty into parfaits, floats, cones, Twisted flavors and seasonal creations to keep customers coming back for more.

How to Enjoy Wendy’s Ice Cream?

Part of the fun of Wendy’s ice cream menu is customizing your perfect frosty or ice cream treat combo. Here’s a few serving ideas:

  • Dip your fries in a chocolate or vanilla Frosty – the salty and sweet mix is irresistible.
  • For an extra thick milkshake, ask for a Frosty made with half ice cream base and half milk.
  • Top your parfait with hot fudge or caramel sauce.
  • Make it a sundae by adding rainbow sprinkles and chopped nuts.
  • Pair a cone with Wendy’s baked potato or chili for a sweet and savory snack.
  • Mix up the Twisted Frosty swirl pattern into new combinations.
  • Substitute Frosty flavors in any item – ask for a chocolate Frosty in your float instead of vanilla.
  • Request extra pumps of syrup like chocolate or strawberry for an intensified flavor.

The great thing about Wendy’s ice cream treats is you can customize them in so many ways to create your own signature creation. Their crew will happily oblige any tasty tweaks or combinations your heart desires!

Does Wendy’s Offer Any Discounts or Promotions on Ice Cream?

Wendy’s Offer Any Discounts or Promotions on Ice Cream
Wendy’s Offer Any Discounts or Promotions on Ice Cream

Wendy’s is one fast food chain that actually does frequently offer up deals and discounts for ice cream purchases rather than just targeting main menu items like burgers or nuggets.

Here’s a few examples of current or recurring Wendy’s Frosty and frozen

Wendy’s Frosty Key Tags

One popular promotion is the Frosty Key Tag which works like a free Frosty punch card. When you purchase a Frosty key tag for $2, you get a free Jr. Frosty loaded on it plus 11 more punches until next year.

You can get a free small Frosty with each fill up punch. Wendy’s sells these yearly, usually during the holiday season.

BOGO Frosty Deals

Limited time offers will often include BOGO (buy one get one) free Frosty deals. Keep an eye out for mobile app and online orders where you can score a free Frosty when you purchase one at regular menu price.

Frosty Fridays

Every Friday, Wendy’s sends out customizable mobile rewards to members of their rewards program for discounts like $1 any size Frostys. These can be redeemed all day every Frosty Friday.

Seasonal Offers

Around holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Summer, Wendy’s will mix up their usual Frosty lineup with fun new flavors for a limited time. That often comes with special combo deals and food packaging.

Wendy’s Coupons

Printable coupons and in-app coupons will periodically offer discounts like buy one Sundae or Frosty cone, get one free. Some coupons give you any size Frosty for just $1.

As you can see, if you really love Wendy’s icy desserts, joining their rewards program is the best way to save money and get the scoop on all the latest sweet deals and freebies.

Reviews of Wendy’s Ice Cream Menu

Here’s what fans have to say about top frozen treats at America’s favorite burger chain:

👍 Frosties – Extremely positive reviews of the chocolate and vanilla Frosty. Many call it nostalgic comfort food that takes them back to childhood. Fans can’t get enough of the thick, creamy, ice-cold texture.

👍 Twisted Frosty – This swirl combo innovation has been getting rave reviews from customers who enjoy both chocolate and vanilla flavors. They love discovering pockets of each as they sip.

👍 Seasonal Flavors – Wendy’s earns praise whenever they unveil new Frosty creations like strawberry or birthday cake for holidays. Fans get excited to come try unique new flavor mashups.

👍 Ice Cream Cones – Great reviews for the cake cones plus how affordable they are compared to other fast food options. Being able to add shakes or sundae toppings on top is a major plus.

👎 Parfaits – While still tasty, some customers complain parfaits lack enough syrup/topping coverage compared to what’s advertised in pictures. For the $3+ price, more toppings are desired.

Overall though, it’s pretty hard to find many critical reviews of fan favorite menu items like the Frosty. Wendy’s reputation for quality ice cream treats made fresh in store seems to impress customers new and old alike.

Does Wendy’s Have Ice Cream?

Yes, Wendy’s menu does feature real ice cream! The Frosty that put them on the map is made from a customized sweet cream soft serve base that contains real milk and cream.

The ice cream blend is freshly made in each restaurant location instead of shipped in pre-made like some competitor chains do. Restaurants have special Frosty machines on site to churn out the frozen sweet stuff all shift long.

So while many fast food “milkshakes” rely on premade syrups and flavor mixes, Wendy’s really does craft their legendary Frosties using custom made ice cream.

Classifying Wendy’s Frosty: Is It a Milkshake or Ice Cream?

Classifying Wendy’s Frosty: Is It a Milkshake or Ice Cream?
Classifying Wendy’s Frosty: Is It a Milkshake or Ice Cream?

Technically, the Frosty falls into the nebulous in-between category of soft serve ice cream that has a thicker, more solid texture than a runny milkshake.

Milkshakes are generally made from ice cream blended with milk and syrups until smooth and drinkable through a straw. Frosties do contain dairy like milkshakes. However, they stop short of reaching that super thick liquid state.

Instead, a Wendy’s Frosty has a signature consistency all its own – thick yet soft enough to succumb to a draw from the straw without needing a spoon. It’s frozen creamy bliss!

You could potentially call a Frosty an “extra thick milkshake” but even that doesn’t quite capture the iconic Frosty essence. It’s in a frosty class of its own!

What Led to the Discontinuation of Vanilla Frosty?

Vanilla frosties actually have never been discontinued nationally. However, for about 15 years from the debut of the original chocolate Frosty in 1969 until 2006, Chocolate held the spotlight as the singular signature flavor.

Rumor has it that Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas preferred chocolate and that’s why vanilla wasn’t an initial menu offering.

But customer demand led Wendy’s to finally introduce French Vanilla Frosties in 2006 to much fanfare. It’s still available year-round as a permanent part of the Frosty lineup along with Chocolate.

The only flavors that experience temporary discontinuation are the limited time offerings for holidays or seasonal Frosty lineup revamps a few times a year.

So vanilla enthusiasts can rest assured – the classic vanilla soft serve Frosty isn’t going anywhere thanks to its staying power as a menu cornerstone for Wendy’s dessert lineup!

Wendy’s Hours

Looking to grab icy cold Frosty when those dessert cravings strike? Here are the usual Wendy’s operating hours:

  • Monday-Friday: Breakfast hours from 6:30-10:30am. Lunch & dinner from 10:30am until 10pm close.
  • Saturday: Serving breakfast 7-11am, Lunch starts at 11 and locations close evenings around 10pm-Midnight.
  • Sunday: Opens at 8am with breakfast until 11am then remain open over lunch and dinner periods until around 10pm.

Specific restaurant hours can vary a bit by franchise location. Some may open earlier or stay open an hour later on weekends. Check your nearest Wendy’s hours online before heading over to confirm they are serving Frostys all day long during your desired timeframe!

Wendy’s Near Me & Locator

Craving something chocolatey or feeling vanilla vibes? Use the Wendy’s online restaurant locator to find a Frosty spot near you!

Simply head to Wendys.com and click “Find a Wendy’s” to search for your closest restaurant by:

  • City & State
  • Zip code
  • Address

The locator will pull up a map plus list the Address, hours, contact phone number, and driving directions for each Wendy’s site.

You can also download the Wendy’s app on your iOS or Android phone. The app features a finder that will auto detect your GPS location anywhere nationwide to display all nearby Wendy’s spots within a customizable radius.

So download the app and let Wendy’s lead the way next time Frosty cravings strike!

Wendy’s Customer Service

Wendy’s Customer Service
Wendy’s Customer Service

Have an issue, complaint, or just want to provide feedback about your last Wendy’s visit? Reach their customer support team via:

  • Phone: 1-888-624-8140
  • Online: Request Wendy’s Contact Us Form at Wendys.com
  • Mail: customercare@wendys
  • Social: Message @Wendys on Twitter or Facebook

A customer service representative will help resolve any problems like incorrect orders, poor service quality, or food safety concerns.

You can also get assistance with questions about Wendy’s menus, coupon policies, store locations/hours, and any other Frosty related conundrums 24 hours a day!

Wendy’s Social Media & Links

Follow along on social media for the latest Wendy’s offers, menu launches, Frosty flavors, and trending memes/stories about everyone’s favorite fast food restaurant.

So now you’re an expert on all the tasty Frosty and ice cream treats Wendy’s has in their cold dessert catalog! Stop by any franchise location to order signature items like the Chocolate Frosty, Vanilla Frosty, or Twisted Frosty along with cones, shakes, floats, sundaes and more.


How much is a small Frosty?

A small Frosty is $0.99 at Wendy’s.

Does Wendy’s have an Oreo Frosty?

Wendy’s has offered limited-time Oreo Frosty flavors but there isn’t an Oreo Frosty permanently on the menu.

What sizes do Frosty’s come in?

Frosty sizes are Small (12 oz), Medium (16 oz), Junior (14 oz), and Large (20 oz).

Is a Frosty a milkshake?

No, a Frosty is thicker than a traditional milkshake. It’s made from soft serve ice cream base.

What is a Frosty vs ice cream?

Unlike hard ice cream, a Frosty has a creamy, spoonable texture since it uses soft serve ice cream mix.

Why are Frosty’s so good?

Frosty’s taste so good thanks to Wendy’s custom creamy ice cream base blended daily in stores rather than made from pre-mix syrups.

How do you eat Frosty?

Enjoy it with a spoon or use a straw to sip the soft serve Frosty texture depending on your preferred consistency.

What does a Frosty taste like?

It tastes like thick, sweet, vanilla or chocolate soft serve ice cream with creamy, cold, dessert-like flavor.

What is Wendy’s ice cream called?

Wendy’s brand name ice cream is known as the Frosty. It’s a signature menu item not officially categorized as a milkshake or traditional ice cream.

What flavor is a Frosty?

Standard Frosty flavors are Chocolate Frosty and Vanilla Frosty. There are also seasonal flavors that get rotated in.

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